Deployment on the new cluster

These are temporary instructions for configuring and deploying hubs on the new cluster. (Temporary as we get GitHub Actions set up to do this automatically).

The two hubs are available at and

GCloud setup

We’ve created a new GKE cluster called jhub2. To set up authentication to the new cluster:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials jhub2

Now this cluster will be the default for all gcloud, kubectl, and helm commands that you run locally.

If your authentication still seems messed up, you can delete the hidden .kube directory in your home directory and re-run the get-credentials command.

Hub configuration

The configuration files for the hubs are now in a directory called hub-configs (NOT in hub-charts). There is one file per hub rather than a subdirectory for each hub. The deployment script expects these to be named ‘’hubname.yaml.

Docker configuration

This has not changed. There is a subdirectory for each hub under user-images. Edit the dockerfile as needed and commit your changes.


To build and push Docker images, and to deploy the hub, use the script.


Make sure you have committed any changes to the Dockerfiles, as the script looks at the last commit to determine the tag and whether re-building is required!

To build the image only:

$ python --build <hubname>

To build and push to Dockerhub (push only works in concert with –build):

$ python --build --push <hubname>

After successfully building and pushing:

$ python --deploy <hubname>