Git Crypt

Setup git-crypt

The files in secrets/ are encrypted with git-crypt. git-crypt allows us to store sensitive information in the repository “in plain sight”. Travis knows how to decrypt these files and by the end of this section so will you.

  1. To begin, install git-crypt. On OSX use:

brew install git-crypt

Alternatively, follow the instructions on

  1. Obtain a copy of hub-ops.gitcrypt.key. You can ask Leah Wasser or Max Joseph for a copy. Copy the file into your checkout of hub-ops

  2. From the checkout directory run:

cat hub-ops.gitcrypt.key | git-crypt unlock -


git-crypt unlock hub-ops.gitcrypt.key

You should now be able to see plain text files in secrets/.

  1. Add your name to the list of people to contact in step 2.

Working With Encrypted Files

Once you have setup git-crypt and unlocked the files locally, you will be able to see all of the secret keys and edit things as need be. When you commit and push, git-crypt will re-encrypt the files so that nothing secret is pushed directly to GitHub.